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Prestige Palladium

  • Main Event Hall
  • Lower Lounging Area
  • Mezzanine
  • Insurance

    Reasonable insurance coverage for PEEC and Renter.

  • Police

    Two to Four Mobile County Sheriff Deputies, depending on event.

  • Security

    Two to Eight inside Security, depending on event.

  • Professional Concert Audio System

    20-MINA Line Array tops (10 per side) and MINA 4 boxes of double 18" subs.

  • DJ for your Event

    5 Hours

  • Stage

    25' x 32' Surface area.

  • Uplighting

    Add a splash of color that matches your event theme!

  • Secure Ticket Booth
  • Professional Concert Video Screen

    Left and Right Overhead screens with Projector and Rear, Center of stage a Large 5k Video Wall

  • Green Room
  • Prestige Host

    Available to assist general admission guest.

  • Front of House

    1x - Digital Board (Midas M-32) with Technician

  • Monitor World

    Second Digital Board (Midas M-32) with Technician + Midas DL32 splitter

  • Stage Lighting Package

    Truss + moving 365 degrees professional concert RGBW Spot light and Washer

  • Lighted Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Help coordinating other equipment needs

Promoter host to concerts, theatrical shows, award ceremonies and more, the Prestige Event Center is the next generation in versatile, innovative, premiere live entertainment venues. Equipped to ensure every show is as memorable as the next, the event hall boasts state-of-the-art acoustics and the latest in stage technology.

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VIP Suites

  • Luxe and Premiere VIP Suites

    Call for reservations

Prestige has two exquisite VIP Suites that are available for private parties looking for unrivaled exclusivity. Each VIP Suite is spacious and elegantly designed, coming fully equipped with stylish furnishings and a flat-screen TV. You can enjoy the action inside the event center from the comfort of your own private VIP Room and Balcony. 

Prestige Bottom Lounge Bar, VIP Bar, Ice, Ice Machines and Buckets are operated and sold by Prestige Venders.

VIP Suite booking is available only through calling The Event Center: 251-316-3191

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